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The Year of the Viral – Top Viral Videos from 2008

It seems that 2008 was the biggest year ever for viral videos, and the amount of video clips that went viral (and the millions of viewers that watched them) is truly staggering. It seems that everyone had a minute or 2 or 3 to check out the newest video craze that was spreading like wildfire on the Internet, with the TV and printed media keeping you closely informed of the ones that went really over the top in terms of full exposure to the masses.

With celebs and corporations deciding that they weren’t going to be left out on the viral video fun, there were lots of videos that were pretty crazy this year, some that went in for the laughs, some liked to shock, lots liked to be sexy, some wanted to sell, there were surely some gross ones to be sure, and there were also plenty that were just plain awesome.

Let’s take a look back at the year that was 2008 and see how it looked before we head off into the world that we will call 2009.

Check out the ultimate wrap-up, round -up, saddle-up and take a ride around the ranch that was the year of the viral video in 2008 – as we take a look back at those videos that you have either got to see one last time before you say goodbye to them, or make sure you didn’t miss one of the other gems in the rough from the world of the top videos that went into viral orbit this last year.

Everone has there own favorite one so I won’t tell you what you are supposed to like, I am gonna just get in there and show you some of the videos that made it big in 2008. Let’s go!

1. Miss Cellania from Neatorama Picks the Top 5 Viral Videos for ABC

2. The Most Awesome Viral Videos of 2008 from Video Gum

3. NBC dissects the Viral Video Phenomenon

4. Where the Hell is Matt

5. Where the Hell is Matt’s Girlfriend?

6. Why Girls Don’t Fart

7. Bert & Ernie Tries Gangsta-Rap

8. Try to Watch Without Laughing 2

9. Ninja Cat Comes Closer While Not Moving

10. Yew We Can – Barack Obama Music Video

It’s sure been a great year for the viral video. Can’t wait to see what they think of in 2009…


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Embarrassed by the Viral Effect: JC Penney Caught with Their Pants Down!

It turns out that not everyone wants the viral effect, especially when the viral video in question wasn’t really approved by the company that got its name promoted in the clip.

It is actually a really funny clip about 2 students training, each in their own bedrooms, to get dressed as quick as possible – so that they can make a clean getaway instead of getting caught with their pants down by prowling parents.

Here is the story in short from a recent article by ars technica:  JC Penney wants nothing to do with free viral advertising.

“JC Penney blames its own advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, for creating the ad, making this whole event even more curious. Saatchi points the finger at Epoch Films, a third-party production company that films ads for the agency. Epoch appears to have created the video and submitted it to the Cannes Lions Awards. The ad—which may have been shot as part of a pitch when JC Penney left its old agency for Saatchi—won an international advertising award, but JC Penney still takes exception to the theme.”

This entertaining viral video is not as provocative as you might think, but obviously not an ad that a conservative company like JC Penney is ready to embrace. Those kids in the clip on the other hand, are more than ready to do some embracing. In fact, they almost have it down to a science. Take a look. It’s called Speed Dressing…

Actually an enjoyable clip that brings back lots of sneaky high school memories. Now even I am ready to shop at JC Penney.

I can just imagine the unusual excitement in the JC Penney boardroom this week… LOL

Nothing like a little controversy to shake things up a bit!

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Sexy Viral Videos: Why Men Don’t Stand a Chance!

There is no way to deny that viral videos featuring a sexy women are one of the most common types of videos on the web. Collections of animated GIFs are dominated by the breast jiggling and butt wiggling girls, and viral videos are packed full of bikini-clad women ironing, exercising, dancing – and in general –  shaking, strutting, and doing their own thing.

OK we all know that sex sells, and lots of folks will do whatever they can to create a viral effect with their videos, so there is literally an endless supply of this stuff floating around on the web.

I can appreciate a sexy video now and then, but I generally prefer the videos that use other creative techniques as well.

You may ask: “Ummm, what can we do if we don’t use sex as the major focus in a viral video?”

Well it turns out that there is a actually large supply of creative videos that don’t use sexy themes, but today I actually want to focus on the bouncing girls genre so that I can point out a few things.

Maybe I will show you the first video that I have chosen for today to make my first point.

This young woman is absolutely dangerous!

That is my first point. Men don’t stand a chance. Every man (except maybe one poor soul) in this entire Italian village knows about this woman, but they are all powerless against her magic. Men can literally see hundreds of websites each day, including lots of clips, but nothing will stop them in their tracks like some cute young woman shaking her cute behind as she does her best to play a new Wii exercise game. I had seen this video posted in lots of places, and was able to resist as long as I didn’t see the girl’s picture.

As soon as I clicked on the stills photo – for a better look of course! – I was presented with a link for the short video that some guy made of his cute girlfriend working out.

I didn’t see any harm in sharing a small personal moment that some guy had ALREADY shared with 3.5 Million+ viewers. I didn’t really NEED to see that clip, by I was DRAWN into it by forces beyond my control. And I clicked play. That was the FIRST time. They really hooked me with this clip. The Wii fit Hoola Hooping Girl – Innocent, cute, and a little TOO irresistible… If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Now let’s try a little experiment. Notice how long you watched the Hula Hoop girl, and now watch this next video of the new exercise faze sweeping the web – The Wii Fit Dancing Boyfriend. Now take a look at this new video, and time how long it takes you to get to the pause button. Ready?

My point? It isn’t fair! All normal rules go out the window when a man is faced with a video of a cute woman in her underwear. It isn’t that men like these videos. No siree… They are just powerless to hit the pause button once the inevitable play button gets pushed. I know that I may not be telling you men something that you don’t know, but I will say it once again. Men are totally powerless against these women! Don’t believe me? Take a look at this. I am sure that everyone warned this man about that woman. Did he listen? He didn’t even stand a chance. Take a look.

All I can say is this:

“Guys, it is a tough world out there, but if you really want to accomplish something with your life, stay far, far away from these videos. Don’t open them, don’t get curious, don’t even click on the links that even your close friends may send you. If you do, you may be sorry.

These types of viral videos are seriously contagious, and you may find yourself hooked if you don’t watch out. You will run into loads of problems once you hit that first PLAY button. You will need to be on the constant look-out for the wandering eyes of your bosses, prying questions from family members, and more problematic conditions – as you find yourself blindly clicking away through the day and night. Just stay away from them. No clicking PLAY! Understand me?

Football: The Bootyful Game

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How to Jump Over a Pool of Snakes: Is it Kobe Bryant or Indiana Jones?

Kobe Bryant has done the unbelievable once again. No, I am not talking about his latest basketball conquest, I am talking about his newest viral video featuring those incredible Hyperdunk shoes…

Kobe Bryant

In the latest episode, Kobe and the Jackass crew use the highest technology known to man to try to jump over a pool, filled full of live snakes. Not the most animal-friendly video I have ever seen, but at least Kobe doesn’t have to worry about that!

Is it REALLY the shoes? You be the judge…

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Silly Kids – Pranks are for Grandparents! What Old People Do For Fun

It turns out that pranks aren’t only for kids!

funny old people
If you have never seen the kind of really crazy stuff that old people do for fun, take a look at this funny viral video. It is the simplest prank in the world, but be warned. Please don’t try this stunt at home! To all of the old geezers in the house, I am talking to you…

Chalk one up for the anti-boredom campaign.

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Viral Video Presentatation : ‘The Ramp, That’s the Future’

Here is a very curious video on a viral phenomenon that you may not have seen.

Strange, compelling, and something else entirely.

It isn’t one of those short viral clips, but an actual documentary studying a very interesting human story.

The Ramp.

“Brothers and sisters…

This sacred ramp is a test for our village

A test from Above.

The Ramp has brought our village together.

We must not let it tear us apart.”

This video investigates the thin line between genius and insanity.

This film is actually about that thin line.

Take a trip into the bizarre and visit the land of the incredibly viral sacred ramp…

At the moment I can’t seem to embed the video, but don’t worry, when you click on this link you won’t be disappointed.

Welcome to …. The Ramp

Rampenfest from jeff schultz on Vimeo.

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The Viral Experience: It Keeps on Going, and Going, and Going…

After writing about the viral phenomenon on my last post, I thought some more about the infamous “pie the face” prank and it got me thinking about what other kinds of viral activities we have seen over the last few years.

streaking ViralReality

One of the more “visual” viral phenomena witnessed during the previous few decades has got to be the act of streaking. The idea of abandoning clothes for a romp across campus is something that got started back in the 60’s, but streaking has remained a favorite cult activity for many joyous nude individuals. If at one time it was considered shocking, now it is generally considered more humorous than anything – as this funny video of Anna Kournikova’s encounter with a stripper goes to show. Take a peek.

It isn’t easy to say just what prompts these people to go spontaneously nude, some obviously love the attention, some are into nudity, and other seem to relish the prank as being one of the easiest ways to embarass others. All in good, squeaky clean fun of course. If you want to see just how many different kinds of streakers there are, take a look at this funny post from Unibrow called A Winning Streak: Top 10 Moments In Streaking History.

I came to realize that actually there are a few kinds of different viral activities. Sometimes, like in the example of the streakers, a common medium provides the viral aspect – in this case streaking – and every one participating gives their own interpretive twist on the popular public spectacle.

There is another type of funny viral act that has become popular lately. This is the act of taking an everyday item that everyone is familiar with, and photographing it in different locations around the world, or with different celebrities.

This is the story of a Mr. Potato Head that made its way around during one of the 2008 Presidential Primaries, finding great photo-opportunities with the candidates freely available.

Why you may ask, did someone decide that it would be cool do this? Well, it turned out to be an excellent way to introduce the candidates, many of whom we did not know much about at that point, alongside someone that we all know and love – Mr. Potato Head. For a little more background on how the candidates met our hero – Mr.Potato Head (as well as the American public) take a look at the Candidates Pose with Clinton’s Potato Head.

Here’s what Andy, the mastermind behind this funny stunt had to say about it.

“The candidates have been in Iowa forever. Why not have fun with the whole process?” says Andy Green, a 20-year-old with a wide face and a perpetual smile, like he’s been hiding a big joke he’s just dying to tell. He’s the kind of guy you’d imagine rushing up to Clinton, breathlessly saying: – You need to pose with Mr. Potato Head. You’re the last Democrat to do this. – She complied.” (of course she did!)

What other types of items get a chance to see the world? Beans. Black beans to be more specific. It turns that 2 crazy guys (you would never have guessed, huh?) decided that it would be cool to photograph a can of black beans around the world, and then maybe folks would get the idea and join them on their crusade.  Sound crazy? You bet. Think people had time to take a can of black beans around with them on their own family vacations? Yes they did, and it has turned into quite a movement. Take a look at Beans Around the World for the whole story.

So the world of the viral goes on, and on, and on… There are just too may crazy things that everyone hasn’t heard about. At least, not yet…

In the meantime, take a look at these Beans!

Beans at Mt. Rushmore

Beans at Sea

Beans at sea - ViralReality

Beans in Malibu

beans in Malibu - ViralReality

Beans at Disneyland

beans in Disneyland - ViralReality

Beans on Hollywood Blvd.

beans on Hollywood - ViralReality

Beans on a Cruise

beans on a cruise - ViralReality

Beans near the Great Wall of China

beans on the great wall of china - ViralReality

Now isn’t that something that you’d like to try for your next vacation?


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The Viral Effect: Just What Causes It?

One of my first memories of something going viral, was that wave of people, all involved in giving someone else the proverbial ” Pie in the Face” experience.

viral tactic, pie in the face

People got ‘pied’ in every imaginable location, and it could happen to anyone – although there was usually an element of “Enough of your crap! You know what you need? This!!” At which point a pie, ideally well filled with loads of whipped cream was plunged hard in the direction of someone’s well washed face.

If you would like a refresher course as to just how it’s done, take a look at this clip. It’s called “Bill Gates loves Pie”. You can probably imagine why…

If you’d like to get a look at a few more innocent victims, take a look at this new post by PopCrunch called 10 Memorable Pies to the Face – this is one of the old school viral tactics that can’t hurt by being seen just one more time.

One common place that the viral phenomena is seen is in marketing ads obviously, including those very personal advertisements, the business card.

viral marketing

Here is an entire post filled with these unique business cards called 42 Awesome Business Card Designs. There are definitely some great ideas here for anyone that would like their business card to go viral.

Without a doubt, one of the bigger viral effects lately just has to be the “Rickroll”. The funny cult joke, usually done as a prank, took on some pretty epic proportions when it got mashed up with the Olympic torch procession or a college basketball game. That however, is the really interesting aspect of the viral phenomenon. Why does it just keep on going and going? Because people haven’t got tired of seeing it yet, or because everyone hasn’t had a chance to see “Rickroll” up-close at least once in their life.

For those of you who would like just a little bit more, check out this new post from OMGlists called The 7 Most Epic Rickrolls Ever! It has already been around for awhile now, but it may be that Rickroll is just gathering steam. Think what would happen if Rick Astley were to make a comeback and go back out on tour.

Remember, always look on the viral side of life!

viral image

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Selling Soap via a Viral Video

Here is one viral video that should not be missed if you want to understand just what one creative mind can do with one very – simple subject. OK< OK, I know that this video has been out for a few years – but I think that EVERYONE deserves a chance to see just HOW you can sell soap. The viral way of course@

Feeling like a shower anyone?

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Understanding a Little (more) about the Viral Phenomenon

Viral content is something that gets inside your head, and just doesn’t seem to let you forget about it. Something like a silly song that you can’t stop singing. Or a funny story that gets passed around.

Wikipedia talks a little about it here…

“Meme are possibly the best example of viral patterns. The 1992 novel Snow Crash explores the implications of an ancient memetic meta-virus and its modern day computer virus equivalent, “We are all susceptible to the pull of viral ideas. Like mass hysteria. Or a tune that gets into your head that you keep on humming all day until you spread it to someone else. Jokes. Urban legends. Crackpot religions. Marxism. No matter how smart we get, there is always this deep irrational part that makes us potential hosts for self-replicating information.”

Occasionally inventors will try to make us think that their inventions will go viral, but sometimes they simply just don’t catch on…


1948 Davis Divan

1948 Davis Divan

There is a great new post from DarkRoastedBlend called World’s Smallest Cars: Part 2 that is definitely worth checking out for more amazingly viral little cars like the one above.

Sometimes viral video are silly, but have something irresistible that you just can’t deny. Like “Sweet Home Alabama” performed by the Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir. It isn’t for everybody, although then again, maybe it is…

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